Congratulations to Venture Forum RVA Companies to Watch in 2018

Congratulations to Venture Forum RVA Companies to Watch in 2018

Emerging Startup Awards

CrowdLobby LLC: A company that has adopted the Kickstarter model of online funding, enabling individuals to donate and pool their funds to be used to hire lobbyists to work on specific legislative issues.

Food Not Flowers: A company that enables people to send precooked meals as gifts for friends or family to help them through major life events such as the birth of a baby instead of sending flowers.

Outdoor Access: A company that operates an online marketplace where outdoor enthusiasts can find private landowners who want to temporarily rent their land for hunting,fishing, camping or other outdoor recreation.

Growth Award

Seasonal Roots: A company that is an online farmers market that delivers fresh produce from nearby farms to its customers, who pay membership fees.

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