Renee Fisher and Venture Forum RVA

Venture Forum RVA The catalyst for Richmond’s visionaries - It’s a place where entrepreneurs can learn and make critical connections to transform ideas into reality.

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RVA Creates - A panel discussion and luncheon about the business of live and static art in Richmond. To register, please visit Venture Forum RVA

Date: Thursday September 15, 2016

Time: 11:30am - 1:00pm

Location: Virginia Historical Society

Interview with Renee Fisher The following interview as conducted on September 1, 2016 by Joanna Duggan, RVA Works volunteer correspondent:

Q: Renee, please tell us about the upcoming panel discussion ‘RVA CREATES”, and how it will be helpful to working artists.

A: Venture Forum RVA hosts events that showcase local entrepreneurs and community leaders from a number of industries, and this collaboration has proven to be successful. Our luncheons are a key part of our event lineup, and each time they magnetically attract a network of strategic advisors and potential funding sources who want to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Q: Can you explain what Venture Forum RVA offers the art community?

A: Many artists/creators are amazing at what they do, but often don’t have the expertise or desire to handle business affairs. We assist them with education on running a business - from protecting business assets, taking product to market, funding, growth, and much more. And we provide a network of other entrepreneurs and experts to help them with their journey.

Q: What do you see as Venture Forum RVA’s most significant accomplishment during your presidency?

A: This year is the 30th Anniversary of VENTURE FORUM RVA, and there are several things I see as most significant: Our membership and Board are now more diverse; we are able to put on exciting events; and we help successful entrepreneurs lead the way forward in our community. Venture Forum RVA is a catalyst for all things entrepreneurial, and a meeting ground for everyone who wants to participate. Our two signature events, RVA Companies to Watch and Virginia Venture Summit, have exploded with attendance, programming, and vision.

On October 26th at the Hippodrome, RVA Companies to Watch will showcase successful local companies that have been vetted and judged by some of Richmond’s most successful business leaders. Held in late Springtime, Virginia Venture Summit, an amazing and energizing day that educates and motivates all of us, will focus on starting, growing, funding, and fostering your business

Q: Please tell us about your ‘day job’ as Executive Partner at VACO.

A: VACO is a blend of experts that have been entrepreneurs themselves or have been practitioners in their discipline - hence our strong ties to Venture Forum RVA. VACO was created with the vision and passion to support businesses by providing professional talent in finance, technology, and operations. It is a big supporter of the communities it serves, in 30 locations throughout the U.S., and our culture is all about being a servant/leader to the business community.

Q: What is your vision for Richmond entrepreneurs in the next few years?

A: Richmond has never lacked in talent, innovation, and business creation, with a rich culture, solid higher education access and corporate business support. Our ecosystem is desperate for a physical “front door” where any stakeholders can go for guidance. My hope and desire is for the entrepreneurial community to have clear paths for funding, government initiatives, and local investors.

Venture Forum RVA will continue to be a catalyst driven by a dedicated working Board of Directors, with a passion for local entrepreneurs to thrive, and depends on volunteers and sponsors, so please join us. And don’t forget to register for our luncheon on Thursday, September 15 at Virginia Historical Society.

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